Maestro Bioclimatics • One product, multiple identities.

Bioclimatics Maestro

The main configuration of Maestro is self-supporting aluminum and the coverage can be equipped with sliding foldable canvas or adjustable blades.

For the version of Maestro with adjustable blades, the beam is only 25 cm height, the gutter is aligned and the maximum dimensions of the single module are 470 x 620,5 cm. The screens are integrated and the neatness of the lines is extreme.

The blades can be turned up to 140° and it is possible to choose the direction in which they open based on the amount of light or shadow one wishes to have on the inside.

A product which looks to the future of the outdoors

When completely closed, Maestro is water resistant: the water is drained by integrated gutters and the pillars act as drainpipes.

The motor of Maestro is hidden from view and the blades — when fully open — remain visible on the exterior side exceeding the total height by only 9,5 cm.

Maestro is available in all colors and finishes in the Corradi catalog and also in some interesting bicolor combinations which give the product a captivating and unexpected design.

Maestro can incorporate LED lights into the blades. It is also possible to position the lights directly in the frame of the structure, creating intimate and suggestive atmospheres so that you don’t have to give up living your outdoors at night.

Product Sheet