Maestro Pergotenda® • One product, multiple identities.

Pergotenda® Maestro

Millenium® Celeb has all the makings of greatness: maximal dimensions of the single

The main configuration of Maestro is self-supporting aluminum and the coverage can be equipped with sliding foldable canvas or adjustable blades.

The canvas can be:

  • equipped with calendered tubes for a very dynamic curved appearance, particularly efficient in the management of rain water;
  • tightened with spacers;
  • alternating trapezoidal.

A product which looks to the future of the outdoor

The option to reach up to 700 x 700 cm in the 3-runner-model with spacers or trapezoidal canvas, without needing a central pillar and with a single canvas makes Maestro particularly competitive and certainly original. The 25 cm frontal beam, the 12 cm hight retreated gutter, the integrated screens and the column-beam connection without any carter complete the unique characteristics of the product, providing extreme neatness to the lines, typical of the Corradi way of outdoor thinking.

Both of the configurations — canvas or blades — allows one to pair the structures without doubling the pillar and being able to efficiently and elegantly cover large surfaces as well.

Product Sheet